Digital Signage and Touch Screen Solutions for Your Business

Smart Board

An interactive, intuitive tool transforming collaboration and learning in classrooms and offices. Innovation at your fingertips.

Touch Screen Kiosk

A robust, interactive touch platform enhancing user engagement and convenience in diverse public spaces. Interactivity redefined.

Digital Signage

A vibrant, touch-responsive display enhancing communication and customer engagement in public and retail spaces. Visibility amplified.

About us

TOUSMR (Touch Smart) is a US-based pioneer in interactive technologies. We provide smart boards, touch screens, digital kiosks, and signage, along with industry-specific touch solutions. Our products transform how we communicate and interact, enhancing efficiency and engagement in classrooms, offices, retail spaces, and factories. Combining superior materials, innovative engineering, and user-friendly design, we strive for unmatched quality. At TOUSMR, we're not just selling products, but a vision for a more interactive future.

I've never seen my students so engaged before! TOUSMR's Smart Board brings lessons to life, fostering better interaction and understanding. A game-changer for education!

Lisa K., High School Teacher

Since we installed TOUSMR's Digital Kiosks in our retail stores, customer feedback has been phenomenal. It's intuitive, helpful, and has noticeably boosted sales.

Jason M., Retail Store Manager

TOUSMR's Digital Signage is an eye-catcher. We use it for advertising in our hotel lobby, and guests find it informative and impressive.

Sarah G., Hotel Manager

Our company switched to TOUSMR's touch screens for our industrial equipment, and the improvement in efficiency is remarkable. It's responsive, durable, and easy to use.

Ben R., Production Supervisor

TOUSMR’s products and services have revolutionized the way we interact with our clients. From the digital kiosk to the smart boards, the quality and intuitive design have streamlined our workflow and improved our business operations.

Kevin D., CEO of a Tech Firm